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    curl cleansers

    Liberate your curls

    Lift away oil, dust, pollution and product build up with our gentle yet effective sulphate free Shampoo

    Your hair and you scalp need a good cleanse. When they are both cleansed and hydrated it makes the whole curl routine run a lot smoother.  The key is to find a formulation that respects the hair and the scalp as it cleanses effectively to liberate your curls.

    Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo
    A hydrating sulphate-free cleanser that lifts your build-up without stripping.
    Coil Awakening Sulphate Free Cream Cleanser
    A silky Cream Cleanser strengthens and detangles curls whilst cleansing for smooth, springy, nourished curls that feel soft and healthy.
    Treat your curlfriends (or yourself) to a new wash day routine and save 1/3 across the whole range

    Always Vegan

    100% Curly Girl Compliant

    Free from Mineral Waxes

    Free from Oil based Silicones

    Bottled in 100% recycled plastic

    Shipped sustainably

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