About Imbue

We are a curl worshipping vegan haircare brand with a collection of products for curl and coil types 3A to 4c. We all know that curls and coils have a mind of their own and you never know what kind of hair you are waking up to but that’s exactly what makes them (and the process) so beautiful, but sometimes stressful. We are all about saying goodbye to negative thoughts and tiresome haircare regimes. We want to help you celebrate days that don’t start with a battle with your hair and bring your curls out to play in all their glory!

Imbue is 100% Curly Girl compliant. Imbue only contains sustainably sourced ingredients like Coconut Oil and Cupuaçu Butter to moisturise and respect those curls. We don’t use oil based silicones, parabens, sulphates, drying alcohols, mineral oils or waxes – because it’s not about controlling kinks, curls and coils it’s about liberating them.

We have a range of products to cleanse, condition, and style whilst locking in moisture. Imbue has been designed to strengthen, define and empower your curls and coils so you can start every day with the confidence that you have great hair.

At Imbue we want to provide everything you need to worship your hair. We understand Curls can be time consuming and require a lot of product, which can turn a routine into a chore. We want the best for your hair. And we know it’s not just about product. It’s about curl confidence and sharing advice and tips too. We are here to share our knowledge, experience and curl positivity.

A Curl Revolution

What an exciting time for curls and coils. With textured hair taking up more space (quite literally) than ever before, with endless inspiration on social media, on TV, and on the street.

Gone are the days where we’d try and make it something it wasn’t, purely out of a desire to fit in. Instead we’re celebrating choice, from box braids to twist-outs to wigs, while still loving our natural hair underneath.

Every kind of curl is respected in its own right, and standards of beauty are slowly but surely being shed so we can uphold individuality in all its glory.

But the narrative around our hair type hasn’t always been so positive. Hands up if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at labels on products that promise to “tame”, “de-frizz”, or “control”? Us too. Which is why we’ll never try and control your hair into being something it isn’t.

We know no two days are ever the same when it comes to textured hair, and we can’t always guarantee how that wash day will turn out. We know bringing out the best in your curls can be a lifetime mission, with countless trials and errors. We know the pain of investing in expensive tools and products to try and make our hair look the best it can, only to leave them gathering dust at the back of our bathroom shelves.

It’s time for change, for the curl movement. We are here with you to make that journey full of empowerment and positivity. We offer guidance, inspiration and an arsenal of hair-loving products to keep you and your coils happy every step of the way. Talk about curl power!