Our Philosophy

Brand Pledge

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our brand to be better for the environment, continually reviewing our choices of packaging, ingredients and ensuring sustainable sourcing. Imbue will go further as new technologies and solutions become available. We will remain completely transparent about our journey and where we are striving to do better.

Brand Values

The definition of Imbue is to inspire with a feeling. And that feeling is positivity. We want you to feel confident, inside and out. This ethos transcends beauty and is part of a much bigger picture. We don’t just want to stop at positivity in hair and beauty, as we committed to make positive changes to the environment with our choices of plastics, ingredients and ensuring sustainable sourcing. We also are all about honesty so we will be completely transparent about where we can do better. We know we can do better, and we have big plans for this.

100% Recycled Bottles

We are really proud to announce all Imbue bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. The goal? For all Imbue packaging to be made from 100% recycled materials as soon as possible, including jars, pumps and sachets.

We are continually pushing suppliers and exploring different avenues to make those positive improvements to our collection.

All our packaging is widely recyclable too – so please help us help the environment and recycle where you can.

Curl Loving Ingredients

As you probably know by now, at Imbue we are committed to only using ingredients that are good for curly hair not just for that one wash and go but longer term too. It’s a curl journey.

We only use moisturising sustainably sourced ingredients like Coconut Oil and Cupuaçu Butter to respect those curls. Our formulations never contain oil based silicones, parabens, sulphates, drying alcohols, mineral oils or waxes – because we know it’s not about controlling kinks, curls and coils it’s about liberating them. Imbue has been created to be 100% Curly Girl compliant.

Curly Girl Compliant

We’ve worked with a lot of Curly Girls to find out exactly what you want and need for you hair. We know how important following the Curly Girl method is throughout your curl journey, which is why we only developed products that comply with this process.

We want you to feel positive about every ingredient inside our bottles and jars, so our formulations are always cruelty free, vegan, with natural oils or butters, and 100% Curly Girl friendly.

Always Vegan

Here at Imbue we are all about finding the best ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

We also believe that there is no reason for beauty products to contain animal derivatives. Instead we have created a vegan haircare range containing a cocktail of curl loving plant oils such as, Cupuaçu, Coconut and Camelia.

We believe plant-based ingredients are amazing for hair, but also kinder to the environment which helps us to protect our planet.