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    curl styling

    Inspire and empower your curls

    Define curls, seal in moisture, add some hair-loving ingredients and set the tone of how your curls will dry. 

    A range of multitaskers you can apply to wet hair to enhance your natural curl pattern.  Applying to wet hair is key to get your hair to turn out the best it possibly can, helping it stay soft, defined and empowered for longer than just day one.


    Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave In Spray
    The ultimate pick me up to moisturize and detangle your curls.
    Curl Empowering Crème Gel
    A gel-cream that softens and defines your every curl, adding bounce and hold.
    Treat your curlfriends (or yourself) to a new wash day routine and save 1/3 across the whole range

    Always Vegan

    100% Curly Girl Compliant

    Free from Mineral Waxes

    Free from Oil based Silicones

    Bottled in 100% recycled plastic

    Shipped sustainably

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