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    curl conditioning

    Respect and restore your curls

    A much needed dose of nourishment.  Hydrate and lock in that moisture.

    No wash day is complete without Conditioner to add slip to the hair which is essential for lubricating curls and allowing that comb, or your fingers, to slip through the hair without snagging.  The Imbue condition stage also includes a Treatment Mask to deliver much needed moisture to respect and restore your curls.

    Curl Respecting Conditioner
    A powerful lightweight conditioner that hydrates while dissolving knots and tangles.
    Curl Restoring Intensive Mask
    A protein-rich Mask that keep your curls hydrated and strong.
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    Always Vegan

    100% Curly Girl Compliant

    Free from Mineral Waxes

    Free from Oil based Silicones

    Bottled in 100% recycled plastic

    Shipped sustainably

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