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    curl finishing

    Worship and energise your curls

    Finish your look – lock down all that hard work. 

    Once the base and middle grounds have been covered, it’s time to lock in all that hard work with the final stage.  Seal in moisture and impart some serious shine.  Weightless nourishment, locking in all the goodness of leave-ins and gels and protecting from humidity, harsh weather and friction.

    Curl Defending Heat Protection Mist
    Multi-functional silicone-free Heat Protection Mist guards against heat damage and protect against environmental aggressors
    Curl Energising Hydration Serum
    For days when hair needs that extra little something, our multi-use Serum injects hydration and smoothness into strands without a trace.
    Curl Worshipping Shine Oil
    A lightweight plant-powered hydrating oil with Avocado and Grapeseed.
    FREE Shipping on orders over $35

    Always Vegan

    100% Curly Girl Compliant

    Free from Mineral Waxes

    Free from Oil based Silicones

    Bottled in 100% recycled plastic

    Shipped sustainably

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